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'One To Watch'

This week I'm going to shine a wee spotlight on the exhibitor awards at Clay: A Festival of Ceramics.

The venue was so very big that to try and make an announcement there without a PA system, just wasn't going to work. We did it quietly so I'm whoop whooping about it now.

Stella Levy from White Moose (pictured left), North Devon's premier fine art gallery run by Stella and her business partner Julie Gavin. The gallery presents work by new and established contemporary artists through a varied and high-quality program of innovative exhibitions. The gallery also runs the annual Art Trek Open Studios White Moose are particularly supportive of new artists which is why they were keen to support a talented emerging maker with 'The One to Watch' Award.

Stella told us, 'There were so many very talented ceramicists gathered in the Pannier Market, judging was quite a challenge, but after much discussion, we settled on awarding this prize to Eleanor Crane (pictured right), who had come all the way from Cornwall for the day.

Eleanor's work had a refined simplicity to it, using a lovely rich blue on white ground, her ceramics had lovely quality and a huge 'take home' factor, something the visitors to the festival must have thought as well, as Eleanor sold really well at the event.

White Moose have offered Eleanor Crane a place in the 2019 Art Trek event, with all the surrounding publicity that will be her stepping stone to a glowing career in ceramics - unfortunately it was too late to fit her into this September's Art Trek.

Picture is the award winning work of Eleanor Crane Ceramics

This event organiser took home some of Eleanor's work, it's absolutely gorgeous and the award is very much deserved.


Stella Levy (Left) from White Moose Gallery presents 'The One to watch Award'

to Eleanor Crane Ceramics.